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The press tour for Russian journalists continues in Buryatia

Дата: 08.09.2010 
The press tour for the Russian editions continues within the frames of the joint project of the Development Program of the UN and Company "Coca-Cola" "Each drop matters - Lake Baikal" in Buryatiya. Journalists of federal editions, in particular, newspapers "Kommersant", "Izvestiya", "Vechernyaya Moskva", youth magazines, radio, and also the Internet - bloggers participate in the trip. The press-service of the President and Government of the Republic Buryatiya informs on it.
The participants have already got acquainted with the ecological project "Museum of Water" in the village Enhaluk, the award ceremony of winners of the All-Russian competition for journalists "Each drop of water matters" has taken place on the lake-sea. On Sunday when "Day of Baikal" has been celebrated, organizers held a briefing, and journalists took part in the starting action "2010 meters of pure coast"- clearing of the coast and the coastal territory. The Russian press will also visit the Ivolginsky datsan and get acquainted with sights of Ulan-Ude.
We remind that the All-Russian competition on the best radio- and TV reports, photos and publications on a theme "Each drop of water matters! " is held with support of the UN, company "Coca-Cola" and informational support of magazine "Photo&Video" and the Journalists Union of Russia.


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