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Sergey Vykhodtsev: I want to live on Lake Baikal

Дата: 18.05.2010 

 It looks like the Baikal and Buryatia region got the second chance of serious PR. The first one occurred in 2007, when Mikhail Slipenchuk led unique deep bathyscaphes MIR-1 and Mir-2 " to the waters of Lake Baikal. Since that time, many Russia's VIP-persons, representatives of business and government, including Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, visited and immersed into the deep waters of Lake Baikal.
At last
, Baikal begins to yield dividends to the small Siberian republic - Buryatia. Sergey Vykhodtsev, a dollar  multimillionaire, the founder of famous "Invite" and "Bysrov" brands and nowadays the head of “VELLE” company, has conceived “an adventure”. He wants to make Lake Baikal a prestigious place to relax due to its clean air and water. The Baikal is the deepest freshwater lake in the world, containing 22% of world's freshwater resources, and it is not yet spoiled with modern industry and industrial wastes.
Throughout his life (he is 41 years), he has created several businesses, then sold it to partners and started a new one.
The most "drive" he finds in the start-up - the creation of new business. But after its formation – usually through 3-4 years - it gets boring. And now his latest current project is to create a tourist zone on an international scale on Lake Baikal. After visiting a unique reservoir of the planet with the 25-million-years history he has decided he wants to live on the lake-legend. Clean air, water, food and untouched nature – all these are the real kick and bliss for discerning businessmen and tourists. on an international scale

Mr. Vykhodtsev told about this on Channel Russia.ru in "Secrets of business with Oleg Tinkov" telecast.




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