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Lake Baikal: Buryatia news

Дата: 23.04.2010 

The authorities of Buryatia have presented to Library of the USA Congress a collection of books about the republic.

Elizabeth Green, the Chairman assistant of Charity Fund “Era”, one of organizers of the ceremony, informed that the government of Buryatia gave to Library of the USA Congress as a present more than 350 books, cards, CD, DVD which are published in 2000-2010 years in Buryat and Russian languages and tell about the republic. In particular, the library storehouses will get literature and periodical editions on history of the Buryat Buddhism, Shamanism, creation of Buddhist monasteries, as well as books, picture albums, cards, video films and maps devoted to geology, flora and fauna and an ecological situation of the Lake Baikal.

About 100 VIP-Persons as representatives of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, in particular, Mr. Michael Margelov, the Head of the International Committee of Chamber, Alexander Pochinok, Senator of Krasnodar region, representatives of Embassy of the Russian Federation in Washington took part in the ceremonial party organized with the assistance of «Open world» program.

From an American side Mr. James Billington, director of the Congress Library, Mr. Ben Nelson, Nebraska Senator and Mr. Dennis Kusinich, the head of the working group of the Representatives of USA Congress for communications with Russia were present at the ceremony.  

Delegation from Republic of Buryatia could not arrive to the ceremony due to problems with the aircraft service in Europe. 

Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn, President of the Republic of Buryatia, personally expressed his desire to present at the ceremonial party and to inform guests about Buryatia. Members of Federation Council also have been invited to this action. The President said: “The idea of the gift has arisen last year when we signed an agreement with the “Open world” Center at Library of the USA Congress and sent our specialists for internship to exchange experience. Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn interested in how many books about Russia the Library of the USA Congress has. “The library has a great number of books, but editions about Buryatia and editions published in the Buryat language it is not enough” - Elizabeth Green has told.  

As she said, books for Congress Library were selected by employees of the fund with assistance of the state library of Buryatia, informs RIA Novosti news agency.

«Business Baikal», 22, April, 2010

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