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What is the sekret of Baikal Lake?

Дата: 16.07.2009 

What is interesting to Russians and foreigners on Baikal? A question not the idle. In connection with the beginning of building of the Special economic zone of tourist-recreational type (OEZ ТРТ) «The Baikal harbour» in Republic of Buryatia sharply rises a question – what kinds of tourism should be developed on Baikal. What is the mystery of the sacred lake Baikal which is in far cold Siberia with its sharp-continental climate – in the cold winter and in the short summer?

On July, 10th, 2009 the First stone has been put in ОЭЗ «the Baikal harbour» - one of seven tourist zones of Russia.

«The Baikal harbour» would be east advanced tourism’s resource of Russia, all its infrastructure and the first hotels will be ready to summer of 2011 – to the 350 anniversary of occurrence of Buryatia in Russia. And then there is possible a mass tourism in OEZ – it is planned to accept to 2 million tourists a year in 2020 – the demand serious for small Buryatia (the population – 960 thousand persons).

The past years show that tourists, except the Lake Baikal, are interested in wild untouched by a civilisation the nature; ethnotourism (the culture of the radical small people has remained), a science is developed in republic (there is a Baikal Institute of rational wildlife management, etc.) – there is a sphere of action for the science of different countries for the purpose of studying of the unique underwater and surface world of flora and fauna of Baikal; a non-polluting meat and other foodstuff are been grown up in region.

Nowdays rare expeditions of professionals with the business purposes of a trip are arriving to Buryatia.

On July, 12-13th a film crew from Great Britain visited Baikal land. The channel “BBC” filmed one of film parts on motive of the novel "Round the world for 80 days" on Baikal. Cinema-men arrived to Baikal purposefully - they were already here in this spring and selected nature for a film. Still then they have decided that necessarily in a film there should be a Russian bath, fishing, picnic on coast and local residents, informed «КП».

A film crew has written down interview to shaman Valentine Hagdaevym (shamanism is ancient pagan religion of the local population - the Buryat). The Buryat healer has spent a small ceremony of clarification and has told about the Buryat traditions.

The group of cinema-men has visited the Irkutsk region and Republic of Buryatiya (district Kultushnaja). Trip to the Baikal is only the first stage of film expedition, British plan to visit all the world.

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