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Baikal pretends to the second place in the Internet-voting

Дата: 21.01.2008 
Baikal pretends to the second place in the Internet-voting for detection of a miracle of the Siberian federal district. In accord with the results of the 9th of January 18,4 thousand people voted for Baikal, it falls behind mountain Belukha which was given 21,6 thousand voices more than 5 thousand. On the 3th place is the natural reserve Stolbyi, which was supported by 9,7 thousand people. As for the Novosibirsk zoo it has lowered one line and how occupies the fourth place with 8,6  thousand voices.The Internet-voting “Seven miracles of Russia” is organized by the newspaper “Izvestiya”, TV channel “Russia” and the international portal Rambler. Each region of Russia has presented their own pretenders for the rank of “the world miracle”. The list includes lake Baikal, Ivolginskyi datsan, a 12-ton and 13,5 meter Lenin monument on the main square of Ulan-Ude from Buryatia.

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