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The Baikal is a tourist brand of Buryatia

Дата: 06.08.2007 

On May 24-26 the 4th Republican “Tourism and Recreation in Buryatia-2007” exhibition fair was held in Ulan Ude. The day before the press conference for the mass media took place; it was organized by the Republic of Buryatia Government and the Republican Tourism Agency. The Agency representatives, as well as of the Republic of Buryatia Ministry of economic development and foreign relations informed the mass media about the prospects of the Baikal tourism development.

As the first deputy minister of economic development and foreign relations S.A. Meshcheryakov said, a tourism centre will be built in Ulan Ude which will be one of the elements of the future tourism zone. All the information resources will be collected there. The centre will appear in the capital of the republic thanks to federal finance. There will be two centres of such kinds; the second one will be in Sochi. As for the body managing the development of the tourism and recreation zone, there will be Buryatia’s own territorial one. First of all, comfortable embankments will be built by Lake Baikal. The administrative bodies also expect high rates of small business development in that zone.

-                          the Buryats and Mongolians have common culture, the peoples are also connected with their history. We have to exchange our experience, Head of Tourism department of Mongolia Ministry of roads, transport and tourism, Mr. G. Yondongombo says.

Mr. G. Yondongombo’s statement about the possible future fair and conference in Ulan Bator also caused interest.

-                          such an activity with participation of the Asian countries (Japan, South Korea, China and perhaps North Korea) will attract special attention to our region, Mr. G. Yondongombo remarked.

In future Mongolia plans to organize two tourist routes:

-                          the Golden Ring: Mongolia-Buryatia-Khabarovsk-Japan;

-                          Moscow-Peking.

Mr. G. Yondongombo plans to create a joint site together with our party; it will promote communication freedom and possessing information in that direction.

In the opinion of V.I. Kruzhalin, Pro-rector, the Lomonosov Moscow State University, culture tourism oasis can be organized in each district of our republic. This is how A.K. Tulokhonov, director, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Baikal Institute of Nature Usage, summed up the theme of tourism:

-                          we should develop ecological and service culture of our citizens. Now there is a necessity to learn how to work and make money in new conditions. In the neighbouring Manchuria everything is for tourists, why can’t we try and do the same with us, too?

The exhibition fair was held in the Sampilov Museum. More than 60 companies and organizations working at the travel market took part in it. Travel companies from the cities and towns of Bratsk, Irkutsk, from Mongolia and from our republic presented their services to the visitors. The “Baikalexpo” exhibition company became the exhibition operator; it is the winner of the competition for the best organization and holding of the exhibition fair. The President of Buryatia Leonid Potapov visited the opening ceremony. He examined the exposition stands describing in detail the tourism and recreation development prospects in Buryatia, especially in the “Baikal” special economic zone.

During the activity there was also a scientific and practical conference, presentations of travel agencies, new educational programmes of educational institutions, meetings with local administration bodies on the problems of cooperation in the field of tourism in the republic. Scientists, representatives of travel business of the regions of Russia, Mongolia, China, Canada, Germany, France and Japan took part in the work of the second “Sustainable Development of Tourism: Experience and Innovations” International scientific and practical conference. Its participants discussed the problems of improving the state regulation in the sphere of tourism, stimulating tourism activity, the prospects of private and state partnership; they also shared practical views on improving the efficiency of regional tourism in the conditions of globalization.

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