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21 - 24 24
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The seminar in the National Library of Republic Buryatia
On August, 28th, 2007 the seminar “Information resources about lake Baikal” devoted to the Day of Baikal took place in the National library of the republic of Buryatia. Teachers of ecological disciplines of schools of the city, employees of the republican ecological and biological centre of pupils of Ministry of Education of the republic of Buryatia, of Publishing House Baikal-Press, teachers of the Buryat State University took part in the seminar.
The Baikal is a tourist brand of Buryatia
On May 24-26 the 4th Republican Tourism and Recreation in Buryatia-2007 exhibition fair was held in Ulan Ude. The day before the press conference for the mass media took place; it was organized by the Republic of Buryatia Government and the Republican Tourism Agency. The Agency representatives, as well as of the Republic of Buryatia Ministry of economic development and foreign relations informed the mass media about the prospects of the Baikal tourism development.
Source:  Buryatia. 2007. May 29. p. 1.
In December 2006 the Republic of Buryatia became one of the competition winners and got the right to organize a special economic zone of tourism and recreation (SEZ). The final results of the competition were summed up on December 6 in Moscow at the sitting of the selection commission. Besides Buryatia, the territories to organize such zones are the Irkutsk region, the Krasnodar and Stavropol territories, the Kaliningrad region, the Republic of Altai and the Altai territory.
It is a historic event for the republic which will allow it to start a new stage of its economic development.
The tourism and recreation zone at Lake Baikal in Buryatia will take up the territory of 700 sq. km 150-180 km away from Ulan Ude.
The Baikal Is a Gem of the World
The round table Lake Baikal Is a Gem of the World devoted to the 10th anniversary of Lake Baikal being included in the UNESCO list of the World Heritage Sites, took place on December 14, 2006 in the Republic of Buryatia National Library. It was organized by the Republic of Buryatia Ministry of Culture and Mass Communications, the Republic of Buryatia National Library and the UNESCO International Chair of ecological ethics at East Siberian State Technological University.
Representatives of the organizations and institutions of Buryatia connected in this or that way with nature and Lake Baikal protection took part in the work of the round table: the power bodies educational and research institutions, social non-government organizations and culture institutions. The participants listened to the reports delivered by representatives of the Republic of Buryatia Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Protection, the Republic of Buryatia Ministry of Economic Development and Foreign Affairs, the Federal Administration of nature protection activity at Lake Baikal Baikalpriroda of the Russian Federation Ministry of Natural Resources, Sustainable Development Institute of East Siberian State Technological University, Baikal Institute of Nature Usage of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Buryatia Regional Lake Baikal Association, FIRN Club, Gran (Facet) Baikal Information Centre and the Great Baikal Trail project.

21 - 24 24
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