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Buryatia rents the sixth part of its territory on Lake Baikal

A couple of months ago one of the Russian oligarchs, the creator of famous brands "Invite" and "Bystrov" Sergei Vykhodtsev said on TV Russia.ru, that his company «Organic escape» is planning to create tourist zone of the world level on an area of 55,000 sq. kilometers of the northern coast of Lake Baikal, located in Buryat Republic (entire territory - 351 thousand sq. km.).

Sergey Vykhodtsev: I want to live on Lake Baikal
It looks like the Baikal and Buryatia region got the second chance of serious PR. The first one occurred in 2007, when Mikhail Slipenchuk led unique deep bathyscaphes MIR-1 and Mir-2 " to the waters of Lake Baikal. Since that time, many Russia's VIP-persons, representatives of business and government, including Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, visited and immersed into the deep waters of Lake Baikal.
Lake Baikal: Buryatia news
The authorities of Buryatia have presented to Library of the USA Congress a collection of books about the republic.
What is the sekret of Baikal Lake?
What is interesting to Russians and foreigners on Baikal? A question not the idle. In connection with the beginning of building of the Special economic zone of tourist-recreational type (OEZ ТРТ) «The Baikal harbour» in Republic of Buryatia sharply rises a question – what kinds of tourism should be developed on Baikal. What is the mystery of the sacred lake Baikal which is in far cold Siberia with its sharp-continental climate – in the cold winter and in the short summer.
Russias lake Baikal theatened by zinc mine
The stark beauty of the world's deepest and oldest lake is under threat, ecologists say, because it lies downstream from a rich source of zinc.The proximity has opened up a debate in this resource-rich nation, pitting industrialists and job-hungry officials in Siberia against ecologists and government agencies in Moscow.
The Baikal contests for the title of one of the seven wonders of the world
Lake Baikal became a participant of the international contest «New 7 wonders of the world». The contest was organized by the international non-commercial fund of the same name. It chooses among unique natural places with no influence of civilization. (www.new7wonders.com).
Baikal school "Physical limnology and sedimentology"
The following video presentations of the participants of the Russian-Swiss School “Physical Limnology and Sedimentology” have been allocated at our portal: "Heat and water exchange processes in South Basin of Lake Baikal and their modeling" Portyanskaya I.A. (ISU), "Inherent Optical Properties" Tarashansky B.A. and “Sedimentary aspects of aqueous reservoirs and peculiarities of sediment accumulation in Baikal Lake from point of view nature standard of oil and gas generation in present-day” Primina S.P.(ISU).
III summer simposium "Research and education "Baikal-development strategy"
The 3 rd Symposium of Research-Educational Center “Baikal” will be held on August 1-5, 2008. Besides traditional discussions on results of work and prospects of development of the Center, International Scientific Conference “Baikal as a Unique Natural Laboratory for International Scientific Studies of the Earth” will be held within the framework of the Symposium.
Baikal pretends to the second place in the Internet-voting
Baikal pretends to the second place in the Internet-voting for detection of a miracle of the Siberian federal district. In accord with the results of the 9th of January 18,4 thousand people voted for Baikal, it falls behind mountain Belukha which was given 21,6 thousand voices more than 5 thousand. On the 3th place is the natural reserve Stolbyi, which was supported by 9,7 thousand people. As for the Novosibirsk zoo it has lowered one line and how occupies the fourth place with 8,6  thousand voices.
The meeting with the famouse Russian scientist-ecologist
On 24th of November, 2007, there was the meeting with the famouse russian scientist-ecologist and public figure Yablokov Alexey Vladimirovich in the National library of the republic of Buryatia.

In his speech he named the main problems of russian environment condition: water polution, air polution, solid polution, wood distruction, biodiversity reduction, water-security zones distruction, dumps spreading, ets.

Новости 11 - 20 из 24
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