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Fund for Protection of lake Baikal congratulate the cleators of the manned submesible "Mir" on the 25-year anniversary

On December 12 a meeting of the Academic Council of the Institute, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the deep-sea manned submersible "Mir" took place at the big conference hall of the Institute of Oceanology by P.P. Shirshov of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Далее...
Дата: 20.12.2012

FPLB presented photo exhibition to the branch of MSU in Geneva

A working seminar on improving the effectiveness of international cooperation at Lake Baikal took place at the International Center for Education of the Moscow State University in Geneva on the initiative of the MSU Faculty of Geography, the Russian Geographical Society and the Fund for Protection of Lake Baikal. The seminar was aimed at discussing the results of the numerous European organizations working in the various areas relating to the issues of sustainable development of the Baikal natural territory, in particular the nature of the environmental system “Selenga-Baikal”.

Дата: 22.11.2012

Fund for protection of lake Baikal took part in the 7th National festival of the Science

On 12-14 October the 7th All-Russian Festival of Science took place in Moscow. The Festival goals are to explain the society in clear and simple language what scientists do, how scientific research improves the quality of life, what prospects it opens to a contemporary person. The Festival of Science aims at introducing visitors to the successes of science - both global and domestic. That is why, in particular, the Festival of Science in Russia chose this year the motto – “Touch science!”. Далее...
Дата: 30.10.2012

Fund for protection of lake Baikal held a scientific seminar for preparation of lake Leman and lake Baikal research

On September 24, 2012 an international scientific seminar for preparation of the expeditionary project for the nature research of Lake Leman (Switzerland) and Lake Baikal (Russia), organized by the Fund for Protection of Lake Baikal and the Research Foundation of Lake Leman (eLEMO) took place in Moscow. Далее...
Дата: 11.10.2012

Siberias lake Baikal feeling the heat

The "Butterfly Effect" the idea that on a global scale, even small events can have a ripple effect around the world is demonstrated in the work of a Russian family in Siberia that have for three generations studied Lake Baikal -- one of the most biologically diverse of the world's oldest and deepest lakes. In the 1940's, Mikhail Kozhov began taking detailed measurements of the lake's temperature. His granddaughter, Lyubov Izmest'eva, continues the family tradition. Далее...
Дата: 23.02.2011



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The renewed map of the Baikal nature territory in the “Maps” section of the Russian Federation Ministry of Nature resources site called “Lake Baikal Protection”. (See the map of the Baikal nature territory scale 1:1,000,000). The map shows the borders of the Baikal nature territory ecological zones approved by the Russian Federation government resolution of November 27, 2006 # 1641-р. The site also contains the State report “On the Condition of LakeBaikal and the Protection Measures in 2005”. There is information on the environment situation on the Baikal nature territory, photos, space photos, monitoring maps etc. and files in PDF format. Далее...
Дата: 05.06.2007

The Lake Baikal Guidebook

If you are going to make a visit to Siberia and Lake Baikal, you found the right place to start your journey! ABOUT US
You can find information about Baikal, The Buryat Republic, places to visit, bed & breakfast, tours and others.

Edge at Baikal. Information-cultural portal Kabanskoj of regional library


M.A.Grachev " About a modern condition of ecological system of lake Baikal "


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Waters, defeating the permafrost

The major part of the Buryatia mineral springs is located in the most picturesque sites: at the Baikal coast, in Tunkinsky and Barguzinsky valleys. This provides additional possibilities for balneal tourism development in Buryatia. Далее...
Дата: 01.03.2011

The cult of nature the tradition of Buryatia nations

- The human attitude to nature - and it is evident in the most trivial actions -was based on the particular world-view from everlasting. Historically shaman­ism was such a first world-view at the Baikal land. Далее...
Дата: 08.02.2011


Another significant event took place in our Republic not long ago. A prospective professional association of organizations connected with tourism in this or that way was organized – “The Baikal Travel Alliance”, supported by the Republican tourism agency. But first – what is a cluster? It is explained by Gennady Shirokov, head of strategic planning and marketing department, the Republican tourism agency.
There are several definitions of the “cluster” notion and quite an experience of “cluster” economics development in different countries. According to the definition given by the cluster theory author, American professor M. Porter, cluster is a group of geographically neighbouring interrelated companies (suppliers, producers, etc.) and the organizations connected with them (educational institutions, administrative bodies, infrastructural companies and others) which act in a certain sphere and supplement each other.
Дата: 06.08.2007

Globalization and Regional Aspects of Tourism Development

Strengthening the world globalization has become the stimulus for international tourism development. The demand for travel services is growing 7 per cent a year all over the world. The highest growing rate of exit tourism is demonstrated0 by Asian countries (5-30 per cent a year), China being the country with the greatest exit tourism (30 per cent a year). The average duration of trips is reducing, whereas their quantity is growing (from 2 in the 1990’s to 4 in the 2020’s).
As the society is developing industrially, we can suppose that the necessity of people’s communication with natural landscapes will grow. Previously unknown tourism resources and territories will be involved into travel circulation. The greatest amount of them is in Asia (its share in exit tourism amount will grow from 14 per cent in 1995 to 25 per cent in 2020). The most growing segments of the market are business tourism (its 5 times growth is predicted until 2020), adventure tourism (10 per cent a year) and sports tourism, SPA and ecological tourism (5 per cent a year).
Дата: 06.08.2007


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